Bad Is The New Good 》 TFP Fanfiction 《

Bad Is The New Good 》 TFP Fanfiction 《

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Yuki Yasuko By YukiYasuko2 Updated Mar 23

" We all have monsters; I just choose to feed mine."

- Azure Summer

" Don't measure my intelligence with your ability to understand me."

- Chloe Summer

" Believe me when I say there will be no days passed without me missing you."

- Luna

" I said I understand. I am all right. But I never said it didn't hurt."

- Aurora

Never in the Autobots' moment on earth had they ever encounter such humans like those 4.

Especially Azure Summer.

" I am not mad; I am hurt. There's a difference. "

- Azure Summer to Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime X OC
Ratchet X OC
Soundwave X OC
Rafael X OC