Supernatural Preferences DISCONTINUED

Supernatural Preferences DISCONTINUED

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melissa By johnwinchestcr Completed

"Why should I click on this story?
It's just another preference about Supernatural." 

You ask yourself as you scroll. 

Yeah it is, no big deal... But every time you click on mine a sparkle of happiness falls on Sam,Dean, and Cas.

I bet no other preferences do that, huh?

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I sat here for at least 10 minutes thinking this was HIS first thoughts on you😂
- - Mar 17, 2016
Instead of reading 'Mr.Tall and handsome' I read 'Mr. Clean' idek why
mayylovah mayylovah Oct 31, 2016
Bruh can we all just talk about how he had a playful smirk in the last one when they meet. He was probably smirking cause he read her thoughts? 😂🙈😏😈🤔
Missing_Account Missing_Account Jan 26, 2016
Some other author also wrote the same thing.Boring! But great idea if it is yours!
Fabulous_Strider Fabulous_Strider Jul 22, 2015
Pie really is a blessing. Or as my good friend Gamzee would say; MoThErFùCkInG mIrIcLeS bRo.
skytheangel skytheangel Jul 28, 2014
And Lucifer and Balthazar. They're all just so cute and funny! Really good so far!