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Teir Marks By ItsTeir Completed


"What are you doing?" Alijah questioned as she backed into the door.

"What I've wanted to do since the first time you walked into my office." Kieran replied in a husky tone. 

	He closed the distance between them, trapping her luscious body against his and the door. He left nowhere for her to go and that was his intent. He'd been fighting his desire for this woman long enough and he absolutely wasn't going to do it anymore. He was going to fulfill his every need and hers. Her body was calling to him, begging him to touch her and he was going to do just that.
Picking her up, her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. He pressed his hardened member between the apex of her thighs and allowed her to feel his need for her, his desire. Without a word, he captured her lips with his and dominated the kiss. He was hungry for her and was damn sure going to get his fill of her. Even if it took all night.

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  • interracial
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Idk wtf I am
                              Sometimes I wake up at the crack of dawn and other times im lucky if I wake before 4:30 🙃😂
ItsTeir ItsTeir Jan 16
@cecebarrett @antii-socialite @luckys3285 Lol, everybody hating on her work phine, but yall have to keep in mind I started writing this in 2014 and uploading in 2015. So, it was still pretty much a hot phone then, lmao! 😂😂😂
leckeeree leckeeree Mar 01
She must be getting a million a month because hell no I would have walked out
Only time I am awake in the morning is when I actually stayed up all night