RWBY: Words Hurt

RWBY: Words Hurt

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A RWBY Fanfiction.

Yang makes a move on Blake but ends up getting slammed into a bed. Something inside Yang snaps after Blake's hate towards her. Will Blake get her back? 

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot of the story.
All credit goes to Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum for creating RWBY.

Started: 22/06/14
Complete: 22/07/16

Edited: 04/12/17

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Well, at least the yang merchandises will be 100 precent off
Me: Oh no. Actually, oh yes! James the Wolf! You can feast on her dead corpse!
                              Blake: She's not dead! What is wrong with you!?
                              Me: Wait she's not? Nevermind James, and please, everyone, ignore that comment. *turns and runs*
Tofupanda11 Tofupanda11 Oct 03
I wish I could trun back time, to the old daaaaays.....oh I thought u were going to start singing
TheFinalName TheFinalName Jul 19, 2016
Why is it always yang that ends up getting seriously injured or dead? This is the 3rd story in a row where something like this happens.
Pyrrha is gone..*sobs* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
- - Jul 10, 2016
"With every hit she gets stronger. That's what makes her special."