Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader)

Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader)

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You couldn't stop it.  The evil that was taking over, you couldn't control it.  You needed to kill.  It was telling you to. You've done it before, so why do you stop the blade above this hooded man's chest? You stared into his glowing red eyes, for once since becoming a proxy, hesitating. 

"I'm not the one who wants to hurt you."

 Creepypasta. Hoodie x Reader. Mentions Eyeless Jack, Masky, Ticci Toby, Slenderman, and more.

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It sounds like Hoodie with all of it but the hair. His hair is normal brown or a light brown
That's meh Boi Jacky Yay cannibalism 
                              Eyeless jack : I heard someone scream cannibalism, who killed who and ate them like me
                              Me: I did ej I did now let's ride horses into the sunset and fly
                              Eyeless jack : okay as long as I can have my kidneys
Oh God another Eyeless jack 
                              Eyeless jack : what's wrong with me
                              Me: nothing go back to what you were doing
                              Eyeless jack : okay bye nightmares
Eeewwweee who wants to be NORMAL?? *Cringes away from the word*
Is this Hoodie or Masky....
                              why did I thought of Masky?...Probably of the cheesecake part  😂
AziziHolmes AziziHolmes Feb 10
I would be more scared of Masky *cough cough* just sayin *cough cough*