Love On Trigger

Love On Trigger

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Ayesha Rehan By ayesh1love Updated 10 hours ago

It was their wedding night...of Mubashir and Ayesha.

But..the way they were spending it was totally different and unique.

Standing opposite to each other they were looking deep in each other's eyes not with love but with fierceness,hatred and anger.

And a gun pointed towards each other.

The bride and the groom were pointing gun at each other with their fingers on the trigger.

''What do you think...marrying me will help you win? I won't let you win ever...understood Mr Mubashir Khan.''
 Ayesha said with pure hatred to her husband.

''Oh my dear wife...don't you know I have the same views like you...I won't let you win Mrs  Mubashir Khan.'' Mubashir's statement had same feeling hatred.

''Don't act smart infront of me...I will put this bullet in your head and you are gone....'' Ayesha said in her lady gangster tone.

''As if I won't do anything...'' Mubashir fake laughed pulling the trigger and the bullet directly hit the area near her legs.

But she didn't move...she was habitual of this.

''Don't think my shot got missed..'' Mubashir said smirking.

Ayesha pulled the trigger and her bullet directly hit Mubashir's hand in which he was holding gun..the gun fell from his hand and it started bleeding as the bullet slightly touched it.

''You know I don't let  anyone have  second thought  about my skills...'' Ayesha said smirking.