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Taylor Hallon By hallonn23 Completed

The windy city of Chicago has a notorious reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in America. It is filled with violence, an influx of drugs, and local gangs that even the police force cannot control.

When Spencer King vows his life to Chicago's Southside gang, he doesn't know-or-care that the new leader has a secret vendetta. Southside is Spencer's family. His only hope to escape a shattered life. What does a little crime matter if it keeps his new family together? 

Then, he meets Adrienne Jackson, a girl new to the city and the niece of the police chief,  and she is about to threaten everything he's worked hard for-his rank in the gang, his relationship with his Southside brothers, and his control over his emotions.

Adrienne has her own dark secrets that she is hiding from the world. So when she is pulled into Spencer's dangerous life, she isn't afraid because she's seen evil before. But soon Adrienne realizes that Spencer is losing himself to the gang, and suddenly their love and her willingness to stand beside him could be his only saving grace. Unfortunately, it may be too late.

Cover done by the lovely @LazyBrew

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