Lord Nerd [The Moonlit Series: Book One]

Lord Nerd [The Moonlit Series: Book One]

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Jean K. Allison By Exploded_Unicorn Completed

Logan Carter Anderson is a world class nerd, in high school. It might seem bad, but no one dares say anything bad about him in public. "Why?" you may ask. Well, his father is the alpha of the Silver Moon pack, and Logan is next in line. 

     How is supposed to lead when the pack only respects his title and not him?

     Amanda Susan Mathews is the wallflower nerd of the school. Though they have tried, the bullies can't get to her. Both of her parents have wolf blood, but none of them are wolves. Because of that, her mother has her live a normal human life. 

     How will she react when she discovers she is Logan's mate?

Rating: All there really is is language. I don't like to go too far. It's just awkward to type that stuff... and to do it at home too with my parents and brother around. I'm not that type of person anyway. I like story lines more than scenes and a lot of random drama.

Book One: Lord Nerd [X]
Book Two: So This is Why We Kissed [X]
Book Three: Dare You to Love Me [\]
Book Four: Hello Again [  ]
Book Five: Talking's for Losers [  ]

mikeytopssorryluke mikeytopssorryluke Jul 14, 2016
I can't listen to this song with a straight face and all the 5sos fam members know why.
Cool_Sarcasm_Queen Cool_Sarcasm_Queen Sep 22, 2016
Flute is really cool BUT FRENCH HORN IS BETTER.reply if u play French Horn
SkiesAfterRain SkiesAfterRain Apr 24, 2015
Ah, it's one of those stories set in a place where you can start driving earlier than you can in England
SkiesAfterRain SkiesAfterRain Apr 24, 2015
yay for being a nerd! me, I love language-related things. my uni course introduced me to phonetic transcription and while i'm writing, i'll stop to transcribe random words in the margins of the paper :D
Iputaspellonyew Iputaspellonyew Jan 29, 2015
I had just skimmed over this paragrah and then my eyes landed on this