Realm Series: Daddy's Mate (MxM) [Incest]

Realm Series: Daddy's Mate (MxM) [Incest]

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Lena By LenaLuna16 Updated Mar 10, 2016

'"I love you, baby boy." His tired eyes stared down at me with such adoration and affection floating in them that I believed him. All my insecurities left me and I smiled up at him with tears in my eyes.

"I love you too Daddy."'

Mikey Calloway, an eighteen year old werewolf, has been in love with his father for years. But now that he's eighteen, his mate -- his Dom -- can now find him. Part of him wishes that no one comes forward to claim him, while another part hopes that someone does. He knows it isn't right to love your family the way he does. Yet, he does and he can't help it.

Eventually our cute little werewolf finds out who his mate is. He gets quite a shock when he finds out who it is.

After some cute and lovey-dovey moments only interrupted with steamy ones, something happens that pops Mikey's happy bubble. Will he survive the damage or will Mikey become another person six feet underground?

Book one of the Realm Series

Bloxglo4ever Bloxglo4ever Jul 11, 2016
Jeez! I can't imagine someone being 7 foot at all! Again! Jeez
lady_rydel lady_rydel Dec 24, 2015
It's like short sousuke. If you love free! Then  you get it.
theo4eva13 theo4eva13 Aug 23, 2015
daaaayyyyuuuuuum....         can you say perfect?! why are the perfect ones always gay AND in books?! like WTF!?
XxEvilFlowerzxX XxEvilFlowerzxX Jul 12, 2015
This is going to be intresting... I wonder what type of book I should read next though...
Caged_Nightmares Caged_Nightmares Sep 05, 2014
Glad to see it's back but I perfered the old cover but do what you want
Abigail_135 Abigail_135 Aug 05, 2014
I agree please update it could small as fukc I don't care I really loved your last book and literally almost cried when you deleted it and found this was a remake I'm jumping up and down screaming... Really tho I don't think that was a very good idea... But anyways please hurry love ❤️