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bling bling By InTheseWalls Updated Dec 31, 2016

Dear Nev And Max, 

There's this girl. Her name is.. well, that's the thing. I don't know her name. We met on Tumblr, her pen name being ssweet-dispositionn. 

Tumblr Girl, which is the nickname I've given her until further notice, claimed that she had feelings for me since Day One. Me, being the delusional, sappy romantic fangirl that I am, admitted my feelings back.

To cut to the chase, I've tried reaching out to her by Skype and SnapChat, but there's always a lame excuse given on her part as to why we can't.

Anyways, Nev, Max, will you help me find my Catfish? 
Sincerely, Camila Cabello 

P.S.: I'm only seventeen, by the way. Is that bad?

[Brazilian Translation by @jaurestrabao,
Brazilian Jerrie Version by @neverlannds and Italian Translation by @Njallfood]

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rxmbles rxmbles Mar 19, 2017
13 year olds getting gfs n bfs while I'm 17 and haven't even hugged a person I like, bítch what-
erin_mar erin_mar Aug 07, 2017
Hey everyone! I'm new here on Wattpad and would love some feedback on my new Catfish story! 
                              Any constructive criticism welcome!
snapbackmila1997 snapbackmila1997 Aug 01, 2017
How the hell you gonna date someone for 4 years and not even know their name
wyacamren wyacamren Feb 20, 2017
4 yrs damn I would've dropped that hoe the first wk we dated if I didn't get a fuckiing name💀
addicted2Jauregui addicted2Jauregui Feb 27, 2017
I'm 16 and I've never had a gf tragic (but there were tons of straight girl crushes)