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yo By InTheseWalls Updated Dec 31, 2016

Dear Nev And Max, 

There's this girl. Her name is.. well, that's the thing. I don't know her name. We met on Tumblr, her pen name being ssweet-dispositionn. 

Tumblr Girl, which is the nickname I've given her until further notice, claimed that she had feelings for me since Day One. Me, being the delusional, sappy romantic fangirl that I am, admitted my feelings back.

To cut to the chase, I've tried reaching out to her by Skype and SnapChat, but there's always a lame excuse given on her part as to why we can't.

Anyways, Nev, Max, will you help me find my Catfish? 
Sincerely, Camila Cabello 

P.S.: I'm only seventeen, by the way. Is that bad?

[Brazilian Translation by @jaurestrabao,
Brazilian Jerrie Version by @neverlannds and Italian Translation by @Njallfood]

savagemanii savagemanii Dec 30, 2016
I would be the person to not give my skype or snapchat 😂😂I'm really private
catchfiire catchfiire Jan 30
i met my gf when i was 13 and im 14 now, haven't met, but idrc because like. yo. she's great and my fav person
livingwithqhosts livingwithqhosts Aug 29, 2016
I'm doing that with Leah but I actually just dont have an account for either 😂
wyacamren wyacamren 18 hours ago
4 yrs damn I would've dropped that hoe the first wk we dated if I didn't get a fuckiing name💀
shaynadoe shaynadoe Dec 10, 2016
they started talking when she was 13 she's lucky it wasn't a 40 year old man.
sleepyhevad sleepyhevad Dec 04, 2016
I dated someone 5 months with knowing a name that turned out to be fake and we never called, didn't know how the other looked