A Sweeter Hell: The story of how a NYC detective met an incubus

A Sweeter Hell: The story of how a NYC detective met an incubus

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ann_o_nemos By ann_o_nemos Updated Apr 09, 2011

Jayden Montgomery used to have it all. In 1768. He was the son of a wealthy merchant. And at age nineteen, he even already has a wife. Unfortunately, this wife won’t let him touch her, so he has to find his pleasures elsewhere. But his wife, Constance, gets tired of his sleeping around pretty fast. Normally, this would mean hissy fits and getting the cold shoulder. But Constance’s great-grandmother was a Native American voodoo priestess. And there’s nothing quite like a woman scorned.

Now he’s Jayden McCoy. In 2010. He’s rich. He’s single. And surprisingly enough, he’s still young. And while all that might seem fantastic, his horribly unending life comes with a price. Have sex or die. No, seriously. And while most people might not think that’s a problem, he does. Even sex gets tiresome after a few centuries. Especially since he has to get off so often. He’s all but given up on relationships after too many past mishaps, resorting instead to playing under-aged hustler to get what he needs to stay alive, but all of that changes when he suddenly finds his life not so monotonous anymore.

Enter Alexander Harris, star detective. And after an embarrassing first meeting five years ago, they’re friends and Alex is in on Jayden’s little secret. But now, Alex is working Homicide and after a missing hustler turns up dead, Jayden is roped into helping the downtown precinct figure out where all the other missing street kids went. Can the two of them find the kids before more are dead? And can Jayden do so without dragging up memories of a colorful past better left forgotten?

This is not your typical girl meets boy story. It’s not even your typical boy meets boy story. It’s more like cop meets incubus. Read on for a thriller about crime and dollops of sex…and maybe even a little romance. Prepare to find Jayden’s seduction irresistible. And maybe a little funny.

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ann_o_nemos ann_o_nemos Apr 03, 2011
                              thanx! but i can't really take credit for it. know bon jovi? yea, it was a part of one of his songs, superman tonight, but i thought the lyrics would be fitting.
                              anyways, thanx for reading!
xoxThisIsLillsxox xoxThisIsLillsxox Apr 03, 2011
your poem at the start was amazing :D
                              it ws really descriptive and overall a very cool start :)
xoxThisIsLillsxox xoxThisIsLillsxox Apr 03, 2011
it sounds really interesting :)
                              i never actually read a story like this before so it would be awesome for me to read some more :D