A story about children growing up in today's society. These kids are unknown and have no names. All we know are their stories of what they've been through. (Bad description, sorry)

  • abandoned
  • abortion
  • boy
  • death
  • gorl
  • growing
  • hurt
  • innocecne
  • life
Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Sep 18, 2011
Wow 0.0 this was amazing...I'd say short but sweet, but it wasn't exactly sweet 8-) but I loved it all the same!! (:
TashaDeeDawnMarie TashaDeeDawnMarie Sep 14, 2011
@BrianW Thank you :) I was reading over it and noticed I mentioned the boy's dad after the dad had left. Do you have any ideas how I could fix that? I don't want to leave it as is because it doesn't sound right. That's what I get for trying to write something at midnight haha
TashaDeeDawnMarie TashaDeeDawnMarie May 09, 2011
@Jammers12 Really? I was tired when I wrote it so I thought it sucked but THANKS! :D *totally made my day*