I am Jane.

I am Jane.

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Silke By SilkeHarries Updated Jul 27, 2014

I opened the book and started to read...

Dear diary,                                                                                          27 August 2009

I am here now, far away from my dear homeland Australia. England looks cool though, but, it all went so fast you know? I have no dad or mom anymore. Dries is sleeping, we're already about 30 minutes in this taxi, it's going slow, too slow. I want to go back...

"Welcome in your new home!" Katherine said. It looks great though, anyway I was thinking about how I can accept this ma'am as my 'new mom'... Then I saw my 'apparently-going-to-be new dad'. I didn't see any pic of him in the adoption center so yeah, he's looking cool. Although I just want to go back to Australia and lay down in my little bed back there at the Gold Coast. All that matters to me. I want my mom and dad back, I want to be happy again and live my lazy life there. But no. It couldn't be.

 Lots of love,



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