I Hit The Bad Boy

I Hit The Bad Boy

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Cinnamon Brookes (LOL, Not really) By DreamCatcher_5 Updated Mar 10, 2015

I was minding my own business, driving down the street when some idiot decides to Jay walk right in front of my car, I tried to hit my breaks but I still heard the sound of impact.
 Imagine my surprise when I see the window squished face of the school bad boy. Imagine my surprise when he hops into the passenger seat as if nothing had happened.
Don't imagine anything actually, just read my damn story.
 My eyes widen when I see Dace Everett's beautiful face squashed against my windshield.

You know when you were a kid and you would shove your face against the window? That's what the school bad boy (aka Dace Everett) looked like. As I get out to help him I hear my passenger door open and close and I nearly jump when I see him casually putting his seat belt on.

"Where to?" He asks.

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Wtf...? If someone did that to me then I would've taken my shoe and thrown it at him😂
the_shipper_forever the_shipper_forever Jun 24, 2016
Is she gonna get some manga on that way to the book store? (Sorry, its an otaku thing and its a small joke)
LaniKritikias LaniKritikias Jan 22, 2015
I hit a bad boy too not with a car but by hand to his face it was so funny cause it was an accident but I can wait to read this book
arieverlark arieverlark Sep 18, 2014
I promised myself that I wouldn't read another bad boy story... but AW SCREW IT, THE TEMPTATION IS TOO GREAT x)
Smiley_Girl19 Smiley_Girl19 Aug 10, 2014
A like your start! though it's short... but still awesome!! ;)