His Mafia Luna (Original Version)

His Mafia Luna (Original Version)

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Kuroi Akuma By FemmeRocker97 Completed

"Aleks, this wasn't the deal! YOU said that I would be safe here, anonymous. You never mentioned me being the fucking Luna!" I screamed at my best friend, ready to smack him. Before I could, a chilling voice interrupted me. 

"Mena, why won't you accept me as your mate? Why don't you want me?" That voice forced me to look into Alpha Lorcan's deep olive green eyes. Just seeing the pain in them made my stomach churn. But that pain didn't stop me from saying,

"I ran AWAY to be free, not to be trapped. I don't want or need you-" His animalistic growl cut me off. Damn it; why did it HAVE to be a damn werewolf?
Ximena Montoya was the daughter of a famous Cuban Mafia boss in New York. She grew up knowing how to shoot a gun and how to interrogate victims. Unfortunately, nothing could prepare her for her father's fall from power. With the whole underground crime world after her, "Mena" is taken to a pack posing as her friend's mate...only to find out that she's already taken by the dark Irish Alpha.

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I did that to an eight year old when I was two. It was fun 😇😁
last_timelady last_timelady Apr 19, 2016
You follow your best friend but not your younger sister. 😑😑😑😑
NRWillis0725 NRWillis0725 Jul 03, 2016
Isn't it a ruck sack? Or am I thinking of a different type of bag?