Do you really love me Alpha? *Completed*

Do you really love me Alpha? *Completed*

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Know I'm Special

They Don't Know The Full Extent Of It

Think I'm A Weakling

I'm More Prepared Then They Imagined

Hope To Destroy Everything

They Are Part Of Everything

Think Love And Betrayal Make You Weak

It Only Helps Things Hurt Less

Think I Am Nothing

I Will Make Them Feel Double The Pain They Bestowed On Me 

I Will Make Them Pay For Everything That Has Caused Pain In My Short, Werewolf Life.
And Let Me Tell You,
There's Quite A Lot

Jessamine Newton is known to be nothing but peaceful but after she meets her mate every thing goes downhill. She must be cautious about who she meets and what she does.


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Oh my God!!! My name is Jessamine!!! Spelled exactly like that!!! This is awesome!!! 
                              Jessamine-A poisonous yellow flower said to be grown in the heart of Brazil
How can people not like Channing Tatum it's like not like puppies.
_lovly_ _lovly_ Feb 29, 2016
So she had 2.88 years worth of sadness per year. 18+16+16+2  devided by 18
RoseWarrior04 RoseWarrior04 Mar 02, 2016
So her name hmm I know someone named Jess well that's what everyone calls her
Meleisa Meleisa Sep 12, 2015
that wasn't nice what he did but I hope that he would never his mate
nativedreamer7 nativedreamer7 Jul 27, 2015
Thank you I don't really find Channing that attractive but no hate for him