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Secret Service.

Secret Service.

416K Reads 14.6K Votes 25 Part Story
AbbyjRaye By AbbyjRaye Completed

Imani Hill hasn't had it easy. At just 18, she had to put her dreams aside to raise her little brother, and becomes an escort. 
Nathaniel Howard has always been ruthless. He owns the company that owns half of DC, and he won't let anyone get in the way of his takeover.
 What happens when their two totally different worlds collide ?

LugBug LugBug Feb 04
Honestly I hate when people belittle strippers or prostitutes it's sad that because we have it better we look down on them. Morals cost money when you have to feed your self, or you family and you need a decent paying job when no one is hiring morals are not your top priority.
AlexisIsAWeirdo AlexisIsAWeirdo Aug 23, 2016
Hey, she's not a stripper. She just be throwing that àss in a circle sometimes.
AlittleTooGone AlittleTooGone Dec 05, 2016
I would've looked around like "Alright y'all, very funny. Who mans is this, quit playin"
AlittleTooGone AlittleTooGone Dec 05, 2016
I mean you could've been stackin and flippin it at McDonald's sis but whatever it takes to provide for yo lil bro
iamhappy12 iamhappy12 Aug 13, 2016
Thank u, a main character in the book with some self respect for herself. Most times in the beginning of the book someone has a one night stand and they fall in love while in reality that usually never happens.
luhloley luhloley Jan 20
Fast food jobs obviously aint gone cut it... She did what would PROVIDE FOR THEM