Of Sails and Souls

Of Sails and Souls

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Oceane McAllister By Oceane_Breeze Updated Nov 09

"Accidental immortality was something Nalu Ka'ino never asked for, but appreciated. Realizing she was half-Siren was surprising, but made sense. Incurring the wrath of the gods? Well, that had been expected."

When the gods of Olacheia get angry with Nalu for being unable to enter the underworld, they began to tear apart their very world in their conquest to make sure Nalu actually dies. 

It's not her fault that Sirens don't have souls, but now it's up to her to put together a crew and stop the temperamental gods before they destroy everything and she's left to argue with them for eternity, or before they finally find a way to kill her permanently. 

It's time for the blue-haired bandit to save the world and to die multiple times trying.