You Are My Safe And Sound (Ally/You)

You Are My Safe And Sound (Ally/You)

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FifthHarmony1315 By FifthHarmony1315 Updated Mar 18, 2016

A/N This is my first fanfic! I hope you like it, and I'd love your feedback, ideas, and whether I should continue this or not! Thanks!

*Your POV*


It had been a long summer, and I couldn't fight back the dread as my alarm continued beeping as I pulled the pillow over my head, wishing I could block the alarm, the day, heck the world out with it. But of course that wouldn't work.

"Y/N GET YOUR ASS UP NOW!!" I heard a shout, and banging on my locked bedroom door.


I groaned, flinching slightly when I could tell that my stepdad's voice was already  slurred, just like it always was.


I sighed and lifted myself out of the comfort of my bed, wishing I could just stay there. Or disappear. Either would be fine with me.


I heard shouting again "I SWEAR IF YOU ARE LATE TO SCHOOL YOU DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN." My Stepdad's voice slurred again, sounding even more angry than before. I groaned but stumbled out of bed, knowing it would be worse for me if I didn't


I ...

Psycho_Poet Psycho_Poet Jul 13
I'll tell ya somethin'. When a guy touched my snapback. I threw him against the counter and held him by his throat. Everyone saw it.
Psycho_Poet Psycho_Poet Jul 13
I slapped a cheerleader in class because she said, "You're just a dyke who didn't make it into the guy's football team."
Psycho_Poet Psycho_Poet Jul 13
Sure. Let me just climb up to the top of your ego. And jump down to your IQ.
Psycho_Poet Psycho_Poet Jul 13
Sir, I will say this in the most respectful way I can. Lay a hand on me, and they won't find your body.
Psycho_Poet Psycho_Poet Jul 13
Advanced science and I could be in Advanced mathematics but there was no more space in the class.
Codila97 Codila97 May 12
I wasn't supposed to be in my APUSH class, but they messed up and put me in there. Couldn't change the class too. So at the end of the year, I didn't have to tale that test 😂 still got the credits or whatever for the class though-like a normal one.