An Arranged Pregnancy with a Jerk

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Blair! By SnazzyReader Completed
(Sequel to An Arranged Marriage to a Jerk) Allison and Connor are back, and they've been married for nearly a year now. Allison is just settling in to her college life and a new job at a vet clinic when her parents tell her the news: she's pregnant. Of course, she didn't know that. As if it wasn't bad enough that she had an arranged marriage, now they want her to have an arranged pregnancy?! Too bad some things are beyond her control...
@cookielovverr  I completely forgot all about the wacky principle
They are having a baby or the parents want them to have a kid
My parents do that all the time and then I die because I think I'm late
Crazy parents say what?!!!!! Man these people need to chillax!!!!
@miamidreamer I thought that for a minute too but It must have been something else
@yazi_j cool. that's very cool. *attempts to shake your hand, then instead forces you to high fic  me* :)