Picture Us - A Langston Higgins Love Story

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Sonia By AimlessThoughts Updated 2 years ago
'Picture Us' Is about Sonia a girl from New York who has been put down on, bullied and insulted her whole life. She's a quiet girl, never really talks if not asked. She likes being alone, she's gotten used to it. She has a big personality but doesn't voice herself much. She always tries to make other happy forgetting herself. She goes to LA and gets the opposite reaction from people. She meets Langston, a guy too sweet and kind to seem true. Being played and used many times back in New York she's scared to really show how she feels. She doesn't want to shed anymore tears. Yet, there's someone in the way of the two of them. An angry soul that can't let go of the past. A beautiful heart warming love story about to people who didn't believe in love in the first place, but fall head over heels in love.
@cbreezylove123 .. right like get over the man he left you for a reason damn
Rima cheated on hima nd thinks hell take her back and if he cheated on her that girl would be yelling and throwin a fit saying get away were done
Haha that's funny cause the rangers said that to a girl in one of their old videos
getting good.  Lang Ex is crazy she can't get it thru her head tht lang don't want her anymore. .. smh getting good!
in love with your story ! could you please go to my profile to check out mine ? i'm new and it would mean so much to me ! I really want some fans .