Nash Grier's Sister

Nash Grier's Sister

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Destiny's POV

	I woke up to sound of laughing and that only mean one thing Nash's friends were here. I quickly got up and walked into Nash's room with his friends. They all stared at me, I look around the room and saw Cameron, and of course Matt and taylor. "Really? Nash it's 7am do you have to laugh loud" I said.

" Well hello to you too."

"Nash why are they here?"

"Destiny we were making some vines. Just go back to bed."

"Well I can't because you're goofing around"

"Fine, go make some breakfast for us then."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because mom and dad is on business trip and Hayes is at a sleepover and well you know Sky might burn down the house..."

"You can't get your lazy bum up and make it your self?!"

"Not really, and I have friends over."


I close his door and walk to Skylnn's  room and open her door slowly. 

Boy! That girl can sleep through anything.

 I walk downstairs and made some breakfast. All the guys including Sky came down. We had egg...

beckhamsbxe beckhamsbxe Sep 19, 2016
I know it's a fanfic but how the hell does it take someone 5 hours to get Starbucks 😂
staningoverthere staningoverthere Nov 28, 2016
One time I slept through a tornado that went right past our house
No one questioning this girl wearing floral and flannels? Only me? Ok
beth_13xo beth_13xo Sep 10, 2016
Me most of the time, I have never woken up to the lifestyle things yet I have woken up to a sound as quiet as a pin dropping😅😂
suedefave suedefave Apr 21, 2016
Literally the best! Get that every time lol. (Where is the cotton candy emoji when you need it)
thorncrown thorncrown Sep 29, 2015
SAME PLOT FOR EVERY DAMÑ BOOK A BÏTCH, Starbucks , and a fücking penny board