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Plan B

Plan B

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I'LL BE BACK.  Then I'll tell you. By Kirkinator Completed

Plan A might have been just as dangerous as the police insisted it was safe.  It involved being locked away, out of sight and communication, and didn't solve the problem that Fran's stalkers seemed to have access to police files and data.  Plan B the police didn't know about, and while the stalkers were at least temporarily out of the picture, it posed other problems.  The police are now searching for her.  Her stalkers are still looking for her.  Her roommate doesn't know she's not a boy and a depressed teen movie star wants to be her friend.  Being found out would blow her safety.  Not to mention that the country thinks she might just be the victim -- or the cause -- of a spate of murders in the surrounding towns.

Going to Darkwood private school was a risk, but not as risky as Plan A.  The worry of trying to keep herself hidden from her schoolmates might become her main problem, but it still doesn't answer the most worrying question of all: just who were those stalkers, and what did they want?

(Just so you all know, I've entered this book for the Hotkey Young Writers Prize.  It would mean the world to me if you could support Plan B by voting for the first chapter (only votes on the first chapter count) before September 13th and then encouraging as many people as possible to read and vote as well.  Thank you all so much!)

-Whirlwind- -Whirlwind- 5 days ago
*turns around very quickly*
                              His face is stuffed with food
                              *smiles awkwardly*
                              "Uh...I made tater tots...want some?"
sunlight_moon sunlight_moon Jul 23, 2016
.....he just came in and shut the door.....😂😂 im going to like this character
Tate_Langdon_is_life Tate_Langdon_is_life Oct 26, 2016
Help!!! I'm from Canada and I've always been so confused by this school system. Can someone please explain?
sunlight_moon sunlight_moon Jul 23, 2016
Nvm I searched it up
                              I'm an idiot with no common sense
TheReaderKelly TheReaderKelly Jan 21, 2016
I'm so happy I understand the schooling system in this book, cause what's a sophomore!!!!! It sounds like a type of tree (!) 
                              HAIL BRITANNIA, BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES!!!
Roar_FearMe Roar_FearMe Nov 03, 2015
I wish I could've read this earlier so I could've shared with friends and have them vote for this ):