I'm In Love With My Best Friend! (Jacob Black Love Story)

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It all started 10 years ago, when little Miley and Jacob met. Ever since, they've been the best of friends. Not only with Jake, but with the whole pack. Miley Henderson is the pack's little baby.  But along with the friendship, they felt pure love for each other. Yes, they were 6 years old, but they fell in love.
    Miley's parents are both successful business people. They have always showered Miley with money, but it was useless to her. All she cares about is love, but they never gave it to her. They move around a lot, so Miley lives with her favourite guardian, George and his wife Jenny. When Miley turned 11, she had to move away from the pack. 5 years later, she returns to La Push. Will things be the same?
    Stay tuned for a story full of love, romance, drama, tears and fun ! :)
Hey your story is amazing I'd love to read more i was wondering 
                                    If you'd check my jacob black love story out Thx much appreciated
Hey i loved the story... i was wondering if you could continue the story. Sorry if i'm being selfish i just love the story so much and i feel like it needs a continuation... hehehe loved it so much :))
If you don't mind, check out my story! It's also a Jacob Black Love Story(: it would mean a lot if anyone read it.
@MaggsieH Lol yeah. I can't imagine a giant buff macho Lationo looking guy to say, "OMG MILEY IS THAT YOU???" It's too much emotion. right?
I love this story so much!! it was addicting lol I read it two days straight :) I wished it didn't end :( @12livelaughlove
Same her pls keep writing i love reading your story about jacob and Miley I'm sorry if I'm bit too selfish pls continue with the sequel :)