7 minutes in Heaven!! [or 8......]  (soul eater boys)

7 minutes in Heaven!! [or 8......] (soul eater boys)

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Do you Reeeeeally want to know.....fine its "Maka" xD By souleaterevansdtk Updated Oct 20, 2014

This was requested by one of my followers ^-^ so i hope i dont mess it up! And yes im taking any kind of request :) soooo a game was suggested during DWMA's aniversary (since the last one was interrupted by Medusa) 7 mins in heaven. now isnt that just perfect ^-^........

IAdrienetteI IAdrienetteI Oct 08, 2016
But Soul and Maka never had any romantic attraction in the first place; so I see no reason why Maka is jealous...
KeYdaKiD KeYdaKiD May 09, 2016
Crona, lying in the middle. Black*Star, screaming "YAHOO, SACRIFICE!!!!"
HannahD1999 HannahD1999 Jan 31
No. Just that we are in a dark room and I can't see shït. -_-
MariaReyes585 MariaReyes585 Jun 15, 2016
I don't believe in SoMa and I found out my church doesn't believe in condoms so let's go Soul! *runs out of room with Soul*