My Mate's a Serial Killer

My Mate's a Serial Killer

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Sophia has never had it easy but when she confronts a group of rogues terrorizing her pack things start to take a turn for the worse. One of the heartless serial killing rogues happens to be her mate.

~Beginning of Chapter 1~

"Sophia!" Derek yelled. I snapped to attention and looked at him. He was wearing a huge turquoise shirt that complemented his dark skin nicely and made his brown eyes seem lighter but clashed with his jade pendant that was passed down since the beginning of our pack. He towered over me and was extremely well built but not enough so he wasn't attractive.

"Yes Alpha," I asked ready for him to tell me my job. I wanted to be the one to get the monster that was killing our people. He killed my friend Cameryn two nights ago when she was on patrol and he wasn't going to get away with it.

"You're going to take Nick and Chris to patrol Sector Eight," he said pointing to two idiots standing in the corner. I nodded trying not to complain about him pairing me up with the two worst fighters and putting me in the least likely zone we were to find the asshole. "Be back here by sunrise."

"Yes Alpha." I said again.

BloodLite BloodLite Apr 03
Wow. Abandoning her post to save her pack mate but injures two of her other pack mates. Great warrior right there. 😑
ABAO14 ABAO14 Aug 17
Poor shorty x'D Just cause he's short doesn't mean he's ugly! XD
I love Percy Jackson awesome movie and I love the books as well
Shel8y24 Shel8y24 Feb 24, 2015
Was matts mate in the fight?? and who is cameryn? Will it all be revealed next chapter? Lol
Muffinsaremean Muffinsaremean Nov 14, 2014
omg  Katara you sappy sop. If she burst into monolouges of hope, I will lose it.
KailyeNayy KailyeNayy Sep 01, 2014