Fallen From Grace (Supernatural - Castiel fanfic)

Fallen From Grace (Supernatural - Castiel fanfic)

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Bailey Pendragon By BaileyPendragon Completed

(Rated pg13 for strong language and sexual content, and alocohol)

Dean and Sam Winchester are joined by fellow hunter Kendra Singer, the daughter of their father's old time friend, Bobby Singer. When Dean was pulled from Hell and went to summon whoever it was that pulled him, Kendra tagged along, little did she knew she was about to come face to face with her destiny.

When Castiel went to Dean to tell him about the angels, he didn't know what was going to happen. He didn't know what to expect when he came face to face with Dean, but it wasn't Dean who caught his attention. It was the red haired woman standing next to him. Along the way Cass begins to fall, blaming it all on Dean, but in reality he knows its all his fault. He began to question his faith, his belief and his orders. When he begins to become more human he starts feeling things he's never felt before and one feeling is pulling him closer to Kendra.

How will Kendra deal with falling for an angel, one who may eventaully ge...

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KatGotYourTounge_ KatGotYourTounge_ Aug 23, 2017
Ah yes the alcohols and the sexual contents might as well through in the strong languages
QueenofGoodbyes QueenofGoodbyes Jul 18, 2016
Well what are we defining sexual content as? A little grope, implications, a dry hump, or are we talking about the full blown shove the dingaling in the hooha? I mean I'm serioulsy confused cause PG-13 makes me feel it's just implied or a bit of a grope, but sexual content makes me think....well.
pochoran pochoran Aug 01, 2016
I was hooked at 'sexual content ' lmfao im a girl version of Dean
castieldixon castieldixon Oct 16, 2016
Guys! Its Cass! Cass(Misha) himself said its 'Cass' with two 's'
ShilbyLikens ShilbyLikens Aug 29, 2016
sweety honey baby. i love you. but is sam and dean. not dean and sam. okay carry on.