Write On!

Write On!

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B.R. Myers By BRMyers Updated May 30, 2018

How to get the story out of your head and on the page. A collection of blog posts full of writing tips and encouragement.

Writing is an ongoing learning experience and whether your a successful novelist or about to pen your first book, there's always room for tips and encouragement.

I'll be posting weekly instalements here and I hope you find something that helps you with your writing.


And if you're thirsty for more, I've compiled some of my most popular writing posts all in one place on my blog under the 'For Writers' tab.

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ZodiacLeader ZodiacLeader Apr 23, 2018
Thank you!!! This new writers portal with your link embedded in it is really helping me think. :)
MajorGodOfRarePairs MajorGodOfRarePairs Mar 18, 2018
Lol my brain immediately picked up on the use of "your" where "you're" should be
MajorGodOfRarePairs MajorGodOfRarePairs May 26, 2018
I love how three different people asked the same question in 2014, 2015 and 2017 when the last two could have just looked at the response to the first comment :)
Leverance Leverance May 06, 2016
That will be complicated with some of my books...it's way too many elements going on and I am not sure how to work it in.
ayebuckybarnes ayebuckybarnes Jan 19, 2016
Oh. Oh no. I think I know how my trilogy is going to end now...
Izzy61634 Izzy61634 Jul 01, 2015
One of my MC's was an ex druggie prostitute and I only revealed that after like 20 chapters. Not only does it build tension, but you can add in hints along the way so if the reader decides to re-read, they're left going "ooohhh!"