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Mrs. Percy Jackson By s3cr3twr1t3r Updated May 18, 2013

(okay I know this story makes me sound mentally screwed in the head but trust me I'm not..) 
When Chloe and James get captured and taken to T.T.F, teenage torture facility,they must make it through together. Through all the pain and suffering, they still have their love..... but let's hope that's enough to get them through. They are tortured...together

Huge thanks @Daninikki for making the new cover! Fan her ppl! :D

This is my first story on Wattpad!! I'd love if you comment and vote! <3 s3cr3twr1t3r

  • anguish
  • captured
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • pain
  • together
  • torture
  • tortured
cortney77 cortney77 Mar 08, 2016
I don't think she's f***ed I find this book interesting so thewarriorpriest  if u have something bad to say keep it to your self bc now one wants to hear it plz and thx u
Mister_chicken Mister_chicken Dec 22, 2015
I will take your word on it and trust your not mentally screwed
YeahDealWithIt YeahDealWithIt Oct 03, 2015
The "XD" part made it sound bad. Please consider revising some of the mistakes and remove the XD. It makes me not want to take this book seriously. Over all good idea for a real story. Keep writing.
s3cr3twr1t3r s3cr3twr1t3r Sep 11, 2012
P.S. so u think lily collins looks like a good chloe. Shes super pretty and mostly fit the description. Btw i think i chose the perfect james.
s3cr3twr1t3r s3cr3twr1t3r Sep 11, 2012
U have no idea! A awesome imagination + occasional evil thoughts= characters with shizzy lifes. Mwahahahha
WinnieYau WinnieYau Sep 11, 2012
it seemed pretty romantic....... until i saw "Teenage Torture Facility"....... is it gonna be something scary?! >_< so excited!@!