Host [Completed Paranormal Romance]

Host [Completed Paranormal Romance]

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crazy_is_the_new_sane By AngelicaJordan101 Completed


Years ago Phoenix, the first incubus of his kind, in an attempt to prevent the unfolding of prophecy, wiped out all the succubuses from the world. All but one.
Now, Marian is the last succubus left, and the only thing keeping her alive is the fact that she is oblivious to the existence of her kind. With a missing father and a mother who's too afraid to even consider the possibility, Marian continues to remain in the dark about her past.  But things take a drastic turn when Kathrin, her mother, is offered a new job in the heart of the country. Marian dreads having to move, but finds herself still going through the motions. Annoyed and bubbling with her teenage temper, she doesn't miss an opportunity to remind her mother of her dissatisfaction. Such distaste abruptly ends when she meets Derek, whether their encounter will be for the better, only Marian can tell. With facing this new life and mysteries, old questions seem to resurface, leaving her to fight unforeseen battles, starting with herself.

Who is Marian Glassglow and is this boy a light leading her to a new and better path or a bridge that will join the dark mysteries of her past with her present, ultimately changing her future?

To many Derek is the popular guy every girl secretly likes, but is it of their own choice? Thea, Derek's ex-girlfriend seems to think that choice wasn't completely her own, but Marian ignores her warnings, especially since they've started on the wrong foot. Thea's words ring true when Derek finally confesses to Marian that he is an incubus. He tells this only in light of seeing the signs in Marian that he had seen in himself only a year ago.  Everyone has a past, but could it be that in his lies the answers for her future?