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Liam's sex slave

Liam's sex slave

57.5K Reads 733 Votes 8 Part Story
Julia Enders By JuliaEnders Updated Jan 07, 2016

Liam hasn't been the same since his breakup with Danielle Peazer. He thought they would last forever, but he was wrong. He feels broken, and he doesn't know what to do now that its over between the two of them for good. He tries drinking and partying to numb the pain in his heart. He craves for love. Yet, he isn't looking for a serious relationship, thinking it is too soon. He just needs someone to hold and kiss morning and night but someone to pleasure him any time, any day.

It isn't until he meets Mia Harper who needs money desperately. He immediately finds her attractive and comes upon an idea that can help the both of them out. Mia has never done the things that Liam is asking for. It is a job that pays a lot of money, money that she can't refuse... but is selling herself for money the right choice?

By becoming Liam's sex slave?

Feelings will change and so will their future.

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