Forgotten Wife

Forgotten Wife

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Luminous_lush By Luminous_lush Updated Dec 25, 2017

Every little girls dream in some point in life was to have a beautiful wedding with the love of their life and have a wonderful family with their very own lovely house. Well lets just say that when you grow up, some dreams just turns into a horrible nightmare.

            Natalia Winton is a type of girl that went through high school like a blur, always the good girl, smart, sociable. now starting college, her dream of a beautiful wedding has not falter yet, now wanting to enter the world of brides by thinking of opening her own bridal shop.

            Leonard Socrates is the guy that everyone wants to have in high school through college and all the way up to present being the next heir to the Socrates Corporation in age 22. He has every thing looks, brains, money, girls... There is just one thing that he hasn't found... a sense of contentment and satisfaction in life... like there is something missing even though his life was perfect. Well until his father told him about the girl they want him to marry.

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wadashah wadashah Mar 28, 2017
Yeah, James Dean died in it too! :'(
                              Sorry but I'm obsessed with him :)
kaythekiddo kaythekiddo Apr 27, 2017
are you serious? that's YOUR son, not your dad's. are you fvcking insane. cant even continue to read, i get so invested in the book that i get mad when things arent fair. im pissed for him. gotta blast before my blood pressure shoots through the sky
KarenkateEspana KarenkateEspana Feb 19, 2016
im the fitst one to comment,i wish this story is good,im looking forward to read the which have connectionx to me,like i feel what they felel
buster7474 buster7474 Mar 25, 2016
Dnt go in a Porsche u might just die in it R.I.P Paul Walker