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A Reject and a Baby.

A Reject and a Baby.

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sweetsarebest By sweetsarebest Updated Jul 23, 2016

"Rejection (n): something that will never hurt for as long as regret"
  ❝It's easy to cry when you  realize everyone you love will reject you or die.❞
  One of the worst pain someone can feel is a broken heart. But, what would you do if you had your heart broken hundreds of times over the years? Young and dreamy Emily McLaren never knew what a family should look like. It all began when her parents, the Betas, died to save her. Then, needing a person to whom she could trust to cry and not blame herself for that, Emily found the anger and hatred of not only her brother, but everyone else around her.
  In the mythology of werewolves, mate - or soul mate for humans - is the best thing that happens in the life of a wolf. Your sorrows turn to dust and all you can focus is on the person who would give his/her life for you and is willing to love you no matter what. But what happens when a helpless, party becomes the place where Emily finds her mate and the next day, all that's left of him is she lying naked on a bed? Screwed. Literally. Rejection was never so crazy. Everyone always told her to follow her heart, she followed. Her heart ended up shattered into millions pieces in what's left of a teenage party.
  Emily did what anyone would do: She ran away. But on the way, what she discovered was that she was not alone rather she found a pack who loved her like their own, accepted her, and took care of her. 
  Emily might seem like a normal reject girl however she is more than that, she is the most important person in the prophecy and without her the werewolf world will be forever in war. So what will happen when Emily is forced to go back to her old pack? 
  Fates will always be fates and what was meant to be will always find their way back to each other. Rejection was never such a challenge."
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JadaStewart9 JadaStewart9 Aug 03, 2016
Congrats on bing brave n making this book❗👏 I'm proud of u I can't wait 2 read our book!!!!😊
renitaware renitaware May 22, 2016
Love the beginning  ( foundation  ) of the book it will or should be a good read
Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Aug 17, 2016
I love the last paragraph the most so I'm gonna keep that in the back of my mind until I need it
raventte101 raventte101 Mar 28, 2016
....well not to be mean or anything but, it's the wrong definition. Rejection means the action of rejecting or the state of being rejected
SaVaGeIsMyName SaVaGeIsMyName Jun 13, 2016
when i was searching  for a book to read and i saw this one my stupid ass thought the cover was an ultrasound
DarcyCheeks DarcyCheeks May 08, 2016
"what was meant to be will always find their way back to each other" I'm going to keep this in mind for further reference
                              That is if my fish brain doesn't act up and I forget