Boarding School Could Be Fun...

Boarding School Could Be Fun...

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Chloe Marie By ChloeBird420 Updated Aug 06

Alex Richard's. 16 year old girl. Has got rich parents who she gets along with. Lives in a big house in New York. She's an only child. Attends St Michael's high school. Until now.......Everything's the same apart from three things. She has still got rich parents but she doesn't really get along with them now. She no longer lives in a big house in New York...well she kind of does but not with her parents. And she no longer attends St Michael's high school. Why does she no longer get along with her parents? Simple. They're about to travel the world....WITHOUT HER! Why does she no longer live in a big house in New York with her parents? Well that's got the same answer to the first question. Why does she no longer attend St Michael's high school? Well, since her parents are about to travel the world without her she has to go to....boarding school.

Couldn't get much worse, could it? Wrong! The boarding school isn't the best but that isn't where it stops. Remember, there's always a twist to the tale. It just so happens that Alex's Aunt is head teacher at the boarding school, Beecher's Prep. That's not the worst part though. Alex's Aunt has 8 sons and they all attend the boarding school which Alex's parents have enrolled her in. Great, some quality family time but that's not the way Alex sees it. It just turns out that whenever Alex and her cousins are alone they play pranks on her and tease her as much as is humanly possible.

Will Alex be able to go to boarding school whilst her 8 cousins are constantly playing pranks on her and embarrassing her in front of the whole school? Will her parents have to stop their travelling just to come to Alex's rescue or will she be able to stick it out? Will somebody be able to help Alex escape all the pranks and maybe even more? But the big question is could boarding school be fun after all?

IwyPituLina IwyPituLina May 13
Cole reminds me of Cole from Ninjago
                              Sawyer from Tom Sawyer
                              Logan from that Percy Jackson actor 
                              Oscar from Oscar Awards
                              Will from Will Solace
                              Dylan from those ventai
                              Jotham reminds me of one of my bro's friends
                              And Jackson from Percy Jackson
CobaltBlue00 CobaltBlue00 Jul 19, 2016
I bet there's gonna be a moment when she comes into the school and the cliche 'popular bish' asks her to stay away from 'bad boy' and she's just there like '... Err you do realise he's my cousin' 😂😂😂😂
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Jul 29, 2016
Either the girl up top has ears really high up on the sides of her head and she's ignoring someone, or, she just has a habit of putting her fingers on the sides of her head.
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Jul 29, 2016
Heheh, I'm pretty stubborn... I'd give them the silent treatment (which has been proven to be one of the meanest things to do, and girls do it a lot).
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Jul 29, 2016
I wouldn't mind going to a boarding school because my brother wouldn't be accepted into it, so no more annoying brother! But if rather go around the world....
diannnnaaaaa__ diannnnaaaaa__ Feb 21, 2016
I might go to a new school for freshman year because I want to start new