The Enforcer

The Enforcer

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Nixon By XxNixonxX Updated Dec 03, 2016

Hill wasn't just going to submit to her mate...when she finds him of course. She had a job, one that she took incredibly seriously, or else why would she be walking around with silver all over her body when she could get hurt from the venom herself.

She was an enforcer, she enforced rules to rogues and Alpha's and if they didn't listen, she killed them. Mate or not, so it was't a surprise that here she was standing, with silver handcuffs around her mate's hands.

There was no feelings involved, feelings made you weak.

susanvip susanvip Sep 24, 2016
Total opposite of me. I have no sense of direction. 😆😆
cliffordsgirl28 cliffordsgirl28 May 22, 2016
No paperweight smdh how could you?! Do you think this is a game?! Well it ain't this is serious you better take your áss to the store and buy a damn paperweight! People these days who tf
Loveangeljay Loveangeljay Jun 20, 2016
I love BA females in books and movies. Ones who just don't give a ... it's inspiring and so different from my personality
mooshake_03 mooshake_03 Dec 27, 2016
First werewolf book I've come across that's said this 🙌🏼
JustZea JustZea May 25, 2016
...then she'll be like "He's big, but I've seen bigger." 😂✌️
Kianagb Kianagb Jul 06, 2016
Guys you need to chill, like everyday people there are good and bad, likewise with cops. Maybe you meant them on a bad day. If you think there a buzzkill, the whole reason laws are put into place is to keep citizens safe.