The Enforcer

The Enforcer

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Nixon By XxNixonxX Updated Jun 12

Hill wasn't just going to submit to her mate...when she finds him of course. She had a job, one that she took incredibly seriously, or else why would she be walking around with silver all over her body when she could get hurt from the venom herself.

She was an enforcer, she enforced rules to rogues and Alpha's and if they didn't listen, she killed them. Mate or not, so it was't a surprise that here she was standing, with silver handcuffs around her mate's hands.

There was no feelings involved, feelings made you weak.

gelyyyyyace gelyyyyyace Jun 01
You had me at "I was getting sick of the typical possessive bad arse alpha stories" SAME, SAME.
ImaginaryC ImaginaryC Jul 13
Lol your like a copy of my thoughts but a living human who writes them
anne1a2li3 anne1a2li3 2 days ago
I love it! Can't wait to see this sass and brutal honesty in the characters :D
ImaginaryC ImaginaryC Jul 13
Your a Very Funny person and I adore that in your book and your personality
So far...I LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY!! and I look forward to read this book or yours.
ImaginaryC ImaginaryC Jul 13
I love that combination. Truly delectable. Perfect for each other