Being Human (Transformers Prime)

Being Human (Transformers Prime)

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{Season Three: Beast Hunters} 

 "We'll have to close the Groundbridge." Smokescreen says as he makes his way over to the controls. "If anymore explosions come through here, the whole place could be set on fire."

"No!" Ratchet snarls, warning the rookie to stay away from the controls. "Jack, Miko, and Rafael are still out there! I have to go back and get them!"

Optimus decided to collapse then, his hand sliding off of Shovel's shoulder and a loud clang vibrating the base as he rolled onto his back, groaning in pain.

Ratchet had no choice but to also let the unconscious Bulkhead rest on the floor was well, his arms trembling with effort but determination still written on his face.

"I'm going back. If I don't return in five minutes, close the Groundbridge."

"No." A crackled and strained voice interrupts them, June's head shooting up from inside of Ratchet as Arcee spoke, her blue and pink optics dull as she tried to focus on who she was speaking to. "They . . . aren't there." A heavy vent escapes her.

"What do you mean?" Ratchet demands. "Where are they?"

"He . . . he took them." Arcee's entire body fell limp as she uttered a few last words. "Megatron . . . he took . . . the kids."

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Snivy489 Snivy489 Sep 13, 2017
In my case, sticking with any and all autobot rules unless I'm dragged by miko
Darrenthesepticeye Darrenthesepticeye Nov 24, 2016
Oh wait never mind forgotten there's a thing called photo shopping
Silencera Silencera Dec 08, 2016
Ehh. I think I can argue with that. I mean look at screamer.
19LingeringMedix 19LingeringMedix Sep 03, 2014
GREAT STORY! June Is My Fav, but I Dont Like Jack (he's main human; I want all humans given equality)