The Letter ~ Watty Awards ~

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Komal Bherwani By koko_bear Completed
How do you feel when you fall in love with your childhood best friend? do you think she feels the same way or she just thinks of you as her best friend? how do you think she will react when you confess your love to her? will she be happy or will she freak out thinking that you are taking advantage of their friendship? what if she doesn't feel the same way about you? what if she does feel the same way,but you just din't know? and what if you are too late to tell her that you actually loved her?
Hmm... Really wanna see you! I got ur letter from merine. Wanna talk to u too. Tel me when you'll come online next time so we can chat k?
Neither can we forget you! We miss you a lot! So how's ur school, new friends and all?
komal plz sometimes happy endings can make me stop crying ..this is true love story i'm going crazy
OMG.. This made me cried.. a Lot.. Goosebumps on me when i have read the letter of sam to chris. I was really attached to your Story. You're such a good writer. is that you own story anyway?