Twin Mates (A Werewolf Tale)

Twin Mates (A Werewolf Tale)

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Unknown By TheGirly_Girl Updated Nov 02

A heart cold as ice,

widowed by thorns of the past, 

A vow of revenge rotted inside,

nothing could break or withdraw,

except maybe the heart of a soul,

as light as his is dark,

Black and blue meet, 

and so a tale is born, 

out of ashes and bones.

Erwin Jensen had to move all across the country after her twin sister Arwin disappeared. She had closed herself away and became just the shell of who she used to be. 
However, secrets start unfolding themselves after Erwin gets kidnapped by a group of strange, growling, and bulky guys. All she remembered was growling and what sounded like a wolf howl before she blacked out. Then, the next thing she knew, she had woken up to a whole new world, discovering things about her sister she had never thought of before. That's when she meets her Alpha mate, her sister's enemy and the one who ordered her kidnapping.