Strips of Me and You

Strips of Me and You

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G. HERANZ By Gazellaheranz Updated Feb 21


"Maybe Baejin's right, I should move forward". Hyunjin said as he went back to bed. He spent one year feeling stuck, he kept going around. He keep on denying, getting angry, bargaining, to feeling depressed, then back to denying, then getting angry, then bargaining once more... He still couldn't accept how things ended between him and Jisung. 

Hyunjin went back to scrolling through Jisung's personal account, he was thankful enough Jisung did not block him out... he kept refreshing and each time he refreshes his feed, he felt sad... he felt frustrated. "I still can't believe he deleted everything".

Well, that's what Hyunjin thought cos he never knew what Jisung's barcode tattoo could display once scanned.

original prompt by jisungaus

(Story synopsis MIGHT change once I'm done writing everything)

Originally started writing this offline on Oct. 1st, 2019