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Naruto's Little Sister

Naruto's Little Sister

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Bronwyn By honomakis Updated Sep 08, 2015

A girl named Koneko Uzumaki, yep that's me! I have a twin brother Naruto Uzumaki. His older than me by 15 minuites so he pulls the "I'm older" trick all the time, but I pull ou the big guns a start the water works and I win. He protects me from the people in the village because they hate us for some reason. I'm gonna become an amazing ninja and Naruto wants to become Hokage. I believe he can do it! Well gotta go bye! Naruto wait up!

Masashi Kishimoto owns any and all characters from Naruto, and any OC's belong to me. Will more then likely be rewritten.

Onee~ chan is for older sister, it's Onii for older brother.
HybridCraft_HGF HybridCraft_HGF Mar 04, 2016
Ahhhhh THE BEGINNING OF THEIR STORY ALWAYS KILLS ME! Well I mean I haven't read this yet but I mean from when I watched the anime and read the manga. IT MAKES ME CRY OR AT LEASET MAKES MY EYES WELL UP WITH TEARS! 😭 so sad.
CharaSociopath CharaSociopath Sep 19, 2016
When I read this part of Naruto's story,
                              I feel like choking someone.
                              Because if I saw this happening,
                              Someone would be begging for mercy.
HybridCraft_HGF HybridCraft_HGF Mar 04, 2016
Wait they both have half of the nine-tails, so when put together it makes the whole nine-tails? Or they share half? If that made any sense to anyone, then please elaborate for me my brain can't do it because it's fried from school.