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Miy, Hinata, Shiori, Aieka, Kairi, Sakuya or Siya *U Choose* By Forsaken_Angels Updated Feb 21, 2012

This is a poem I wrote to describe myself and how I believe others see me. But what I want to know is what do people see when they look at me, whether through my work or when they see me in person?

The_Land_Mermaid The_Land_Mermaid Mar 28, 2015
@Forsaken_Angels I know how you feel with school getting in the way. As for the depression, though I cannot relate I hope you the best. Luck
Forsaken_Angels Forsaken_Angels Mar 28, 2015
@Katamoshika thank u and I want to be a writer too as well as an artist. I hope that by getting into drawing that it will give me ideas for writing and I also want to make my own book covers for my novels which are on hold due to school & depression.
The_Land_Mermaid The_Land_Mermaid Mar 27, 2015
This is beautiful, I have wanted to be a lot of things. Right now I really want to be a writer. I really love your work, and greatly respect you. Also, thank you very much for following me back. 
animelover34 animelover34 Dec 09, 2011
I have to say that i love this poem. You can tell theres a lot of emotion behind it and i do have to say the last line is my favorite you did a great job with this poem.
Forsaken_Angels Forsaken_Angels Dec 03, 2011
@24CasterXAngel1878 I'm so glad u like it. And thank u for becoming my fan.
24CasterXAngel1878 24CasterXAngel1878 Dec 03, 2011
I like it. It's like you conveyed your feelings to the heart of the readers (like me xD) and I kinda felt it...literally. *voted!*