TMH2: Chaotic World Pt I

TMH2: Chaotic World Pt I

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Alexis By DarkEviLwitch Completed

The Mafia Heir Book 2: Chaotic World Part I

Death has become her only escape to create a new beginning. Everything has change, everything fall into darkness.
Madness consumed her, bounded to take what's taken from her.
Another chaos to come, another life to fall. No one can escape her wrath, she will not spare any evil life to live again.
The chase is on, the story continues...


Nalilito na ako hohoho.. Akala ko si Vanessa na yong nakamotor tapos akala ko din si Vanessa yong nasa airport. Tapos ngayoooon, ANO NA?! Puzzled mind.
roxiejhane roxiejhane Jun 30
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Wow ang ganda kaylan magpakita si Eve sa kanila kaylan xia babalik bilang mafia Lord
OnlyYannie OnlyYannie May 12
oh, that explains the story. Nagtaka ako bat naging Lily Collins portrayer niya ngayon.😂lol
CyWannaBe CyWannaBe May 11
Waaah this is so cool ms A 
                              Nice prologue 😍 I like it no IDON'TLIKEIT
sopyaa23456 sopyaa23456 Mar 26
Wahhhhhh EUGENE VANESSA ESTRADA is alive pero Hindi sila Rett ang kasama Nya?????? Huh