The Bad Boys Wolf

The Bad Boys Wolf

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kota_yoda By kota_yoda Updated Jul 14, 2015

Meet the Bad-Ass wearwolf and the bad boy Alpha. His name is Carter. And her name is Summer. When you get the two most bad-ass wolves around and they find out their mates, hell is about to be raised. 


"Mate." We say simutaniously. 

"Oh my God." I say and Carter gives me the most devilish grin ever. 

'Hug him. Kiss him.' My wolf Melody says.

"Hell no!" I say louder than intended. 

"Well this is a surprise. Summer." Carter says slyly. 

"Good luck." I say rolling my eyes.

Suddenly he crashed his lips on my mine and I gasp. 

I pull away. 

"I've kissed better." And then walked away which I didn't want to. Mate bond sucks.

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Roses are red, Cacti are prickly 
                              That my friend escalated quickly
J200203 J200203 Nov 30, 2017
What makes me laugh is the name for my school on my phone is “HELL”
kgymnastoo kgymnastoo May 11, 2016
I don't get any of this wolf anyone  Normal is this book?!