The Bad Boys Wolf

The Bad Boys Wolf

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kota_yoda By kota_yoda Updated Jul 14, 2015

Meet the Bad-Ass wearwolf and the bad boy Alpha. His name is Carter. And her name is Summer. When you get the two most bad-ass wolves around and they find out their mates, hell is about to be raised. 


"Mate." We say simutaniously. 

"Oh my God." I say and Carter gives me the most devilish grin ever. 

'Hug him. Kiss him.' My wolf Melody says.

"Hell no!" I say louder than intended. 

"Well this is a surprise. Summer." Carter says slyly. 

"Good luck." I say rolling my eyes.

Suddenly he crashed his lips on my mine and I gasp. 

I pull away. 

"I've kissed better." And then walked away which I didn't want to. Mate bond sucks.

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J200203 J200203 Nov 30
What makes me laugh is the name for my school on my phone is “HELL”
kgymnastoo kgymnastoo May 11, 2016
I don't get any of this wolf anyone  Normal is this book?!