Sticking Together   (Snape + Hermione Fanfiic) •IN EDITING•

Sticking Together (Snape + Hermione Fanfiic) •IN EDITING•

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Harry, Ron and herself find themselves in another year of Hogwarts. Hermione finds herself in a bad situation when she falls in love with Her Potions Master! What will happen when she has to run away with Snape?

Long live Snamione!

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UncreativeName42 UncreativeName42 Apr 24, 2017
That's not a candy, though... Dumbledore's passwords are candies...
UncreativeName42 UncreativeName42 Apr 24, 2017
? Hermione's patronus is an otter... also, why...? why am I still reading this? the facts are all over place, the pacing is way too fast, and it isn't that well written, but I'M STILL READING IT!!! WHY DO I TORTURE MYSELF!?!?
ImmortalByTheMoon ImmortalByTheMoon Apr 26, 2017
I'm sure the author realizes Hermiones patronus and enough people have told her so.  There doesn't need to be any more repetitive comments.  Ok?  Ok.  Be grateful and read the story ✌
Skarly_Cyan Skarly_Cyan Jan 15
O O O O K isn't he a bit TOO warm and nice? I like the bad snape :(
                              I mean, not so love-sick-puppy🐶❤
SophiaLilyMills SophiaLilyMills Apr 12, 2017
Snape human smilling? HERMIONE. I have booked you a bed in the criminally insane unit at saint mungos and I will personal escorts you there in 2 hours. Please pack your personal belongings.
ADauntlessSlytherin ADauntlessSlytherin May 17, 2016
                              Sorry... Got a bit carried away there
                              BUT STILL