Scream 4.5(Will not be finished)

Scream 4.5(Will not be finished)

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calvin2 By calvin2 Updated Apr 19, 2011

High school Senior Carrie Berman, life has always been the same old boring stuff as any other typical young adult. Drama, lies, back-

stabber friends, and trying to survive the last year of high school. Everything changes for her and the close people who surround her, 

someone is about to make the movie STAB  rules their own and mess with them in a whole new level. 

Will Carrie and her friends be able to survive Ghostface Knife?

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calvin2 calvin2 Apr 25, 2011
haha thanks, but I think I'm going to remove this story but the characters will come out on my other story.  I got a new idea, hope you read it.... and thanks for fanning as well. 
LiZ-RoSe LiZ-RoSe Apr 25, 2011
Very gripping, you got me drawn from the start. I love it.
                              Though, you mixed up some of your tenses, other than that, awesome start! xD
calvin2 calvin2 Apr 08, 2011
@AuroraRush Well it was for fun, I was just doing for my friends. We all just love the Scream Franchise....
AuroraRush AuroraRush Apr 08, 2011
I've got to say I'm quite lost at this point. Why would someone do something like that at random?
                              Otherwise, the writing style's not bad so I'm gonna go read another of your stories.
daydreamer1977 daydreamer1977 Apr 06, 2011
@calvin2 No problem, I love the films too and look forward to reading more in the future.
calvin2 calvin2 Apr 06, 2011
@daydreamer1977 Sure thank you very much. I will read your stories. I didn't edit this story, because I did just for fun with my friends. I will plan on doing a whole story out of this, but I will write more until I see scream 4 next week on theaters.