The Debt Collectors War

The Debt Collectors War

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Ellie is a soldier in a world without governments.

A generation ago, a series of financial crises caused most of the world’s governments to collapse, and left many of the people in those countries in terrible personal debt.  Since then, the worst debtor nations have been under military occupation by the troops of the debt recovery corporations, and the worst debtor of all is Měi-guó, the old United States.

Ellie is serving in the Afghan Police Action when she receives bad news from home.  She is told the daughter she hasn’t seen in years is dead.  She flies home from war, upset, to do what needs to be done, but once there she finds out all is not as it seems.

Ellie’s daughter is alive and unhurt.  She is being held by of one of the many debt-recovery corporations.  Held, for leverage, to make Ellie do the corporation a favour.  Ellie’s daughter will be returned unharmed if Ellie does as they wish. 

The son of a company director is lost somewhere in the wilderness of post-debt-restructuring America, and hasn't been seen for three days.  The company wants Ellie to go and find the kid, and Ellie doesn't know if she can.  The one rule she's stuck to all her working life is to never to go to America, but now she might have to.

She will have to, if she wants to save the daughter she hasn't seen in years.

This is fairly dark and gritty near-future dystopian SF.


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MysterySoulStealer MysterySoulStealer Jun 26, 2016
Why? I'm pretty sure if you were in their place, you'd stare too.
FFSajad FFSajad May 20, 2016
I havent read much of the book but im enjoying it so far, but i must comment on how you put across some points im curious is it your character that thinks muslims "wail 5 times a day to God" or you?
AliKabeer AliKabeer Sep 28, 2016
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AliSafakYeter AliSafakYeter Oct 17, 2015
It's pretty nice and amazing. I know that I will enjoin the other chapters.