Stoopid| BNHA x Fem!Reader Texting au|

Stoopid| BNHA x Fem!Reader Texting au|

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imgayandaweaboo By imgayandaweaboo Updated 7 days ago

Just a highschooler who wants to be a hero, but also wants some fucc. This is (Y/N)'s bizarre adventure. (don't copyright me please)

This contains:

Bad words

Mentions of boobies

An ugly rat (bakugou)

whatever u do dont read the comments on chapter 25

LGBT+ (if u dont support get out 😤)

Terrible beginning chapters (they get better later on, I promise!)

(Y/N) is a kpop stan I'm sorry lmao
And of course, memes! 

I try to reply to all comments! Which is not hard cause im not famous lol. Updates might be hard, but I promise we will all have a good time. Believe in yourself, love you babe!