A Rose In The Wild

A Rose In The Wild

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Bodhika Bhargava By bodhikajodhpur Updated a day ago

"Ash I...I l-like you. I like you a lot. Not k-knowing.... Ignoreing you-it hurt. It hurt like h-hell" she stammered.
"If what Andrew said was true...." she left the sentence hanging.
"Ash I don't care. I-I I want to be w-with you." My heart went up in flutters.

But this should not have happened.

The thought surprised me. I realized in that moment that I care about her and I am known to hurt people. And she will get hurt if I am with her. I am too toxic for her pure heart.

" I don't think you know what you are talking about." I said with a sweet smile.
"You are drunk Rose and you should go home." I spoke looking into her eyes.
"I will leave you alone Rose, just like you asked me to," I say with all the traces of smile gone from my face.

She was hurt already. I could see it. Her eyes were wide as if someone took her world and shook it.
I can see she won't remember this but I needed to get my feelings under the bridge.

And than without a warning she passed out.