Prince Gumball x Marshall Lee (one shots)

Prince Gumball x Marshall Lee (one shots)

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Crystal-Dream By Crystal-Dream Updated Aug 28

Marshall Lee looked up at the castle irritably. He could see Prince Gumball and Fionna laughing as they sat dry from the rain. "Tch," he said as he wiped the rain and sweat off his forehead. "It's so hot out here. That prince thinks he's better, sitting there all dry. Wonder what he'll say if I happened to push him in this humid rain."

A smirk formed on Marshall's lips. He strummed a few cords on his guitar before letting out a wailing rift that made Gumball fall out of his chair.

"Gumball!" he heard Fionna gasp. Marshall smiled and floated up to the window.

"Oh forgive me, Your Majesty!" he said devilishly. "I didn't mean to scare you~"

"Marshall Lee," Gumball gasped. "What are you doing here? And why are you playing that guitar so loudly. Your actions are so distasteful!" Gumball turned away. "Come, Fionna. It's late. I'll escort you to the door."

Marshall grinned and flew around to the door as Fionna and Gumball stood in the entrance. "Well, bye Gumball." Fionna walked out into...

RayIsBae_ RayIsBae_ Apr 07
My friend lives just next to me I jumped through my friends window while she slept right before her alarm was supposed to go off and I sat on her bathroom counter.When she walked in I swear she screamed so loud. xd
Omg I would die if fionna walked in while Marshall was fckin gummy
carxlyna carxlyna Aug 03
bubba please sit down.
                              bubba youre a male, male gets boner. girls get wet.
                              how many times do we have to have this conversation?
carxlyna carxlyna Aug 03
damn is that the punishment? for real? man... i think you should take it a lil slow
Chloe31912 Chloe31912 Feb 08
-Nose bleeds everywhere- family: r u ok? Me: my nose is just dry
There is no way you can look at this with a clean mind. No way.