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In the year 2134, the world was overthrown by monstrous creatures that humans label as demons. These creatures soon turned the world to chaos. Demons of all kinds rampaged and devastated cities and drove the remaining human population into hiding in underground fortresses called Zones.

As a century went by, scientists and researchers have been studying and experimenting on demons they have captured in hopes of finding answers to why demons appeared all those years ago. (Y/N), a recent graduate in demonology, is transported to Zone 12 to become a keeper. She is given the role of studying and watching two demons that were recently caught and brought in for experimentation. 

As a plan to escape, the two demons decide to try and manipulate (Y/N) into setting them free. They planned to get out and go their separate ways, but after spending all that time with (Y/N), unknown feelings develop that they decide to bring her with them.

-I don't own the cover art
-This is my first attempt at a yandere story😅
-Minor grammatical errors